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The The experience has memories separated by themes while an anonymous female voice interacts with a computerized A. Highlights include heavyweight boxing matches and NFL games, as well as the occasional monster truck rally and basketball match. Exploration is a hallmark of virtual reality. Discovery VR provides enough angles and topics to satiate any documentary buff. There are also videos that freeze the gameplay and allow you to travel around the map, making for a more cinematic experience.

Previously, the only way to get this close to the action was to glue your face to the TV screen. Talk about convenient.

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Just be wary of Endermen. Who said virtual reality had to be isolative? The catch? The basic objective? Zipping from point to point, the puzzles are all about joining dots together to open doorways so you continue your journey. Despite the fact that the world is brightly cartoonish, the heights are still dizzying, the movement super-smooth, and the atmosphere very relaxing. Press the button, and see what happens. Better yet, take a screwdriver to the panels and start solving puzzles to unravel exactly what the console does.

Ever wanted to produce music from the comfort of a futuristic studio? Soundscape, a virtual-reality visualizer for the Gear VR, lets you live that dream.

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Unboxing and Quick Review

Soundscape is a bit light on content, though. Now you can. The controls can be a little problematic, even with a Bluetooth controller, and to play each title for an unlimited amount of time requires a fee. A Bluetooth controller is essential to make the most of it. First Steps. Search Now you can search stock related news and private companies such as Airbnb. No matching results for ''.

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The 20 Dumbest Questions on Yahoo Answers

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